Hey, new best friend! You look like candy!
What's all this then?

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Bessie Smith - Backwater Blues

Studs Terkel interviews James Baldwin, 1961

The Bessie Smith song they’re talking about at the beginning that I had to cut out is Backwater Blues

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magic mouth - swampy seconds



"Prerequisite: strong mouse and windows skills and prior experience with the internet and Netscape"

The type of course description to inspire absolute confidence in future students

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youth lagoon - dropla

you will never die, you will never die

blood moon 4/15/14

you’ll have to forgive the seriously low-quality nature of the picture as it was 2:30 am and 20 degrees and I was not making good decisions

this handsome little gentleman let us pet him

0% chance of rain, the forecast said, and then it dropped giant hail on us


The Inkwell | Santa Monica, CA  1930s     2 of 2

During the early 20th century, a section of the Santa Monica Beach referred to as the “Ink Well”  was one of the few areas in California where African Americans were allowed to enjoy beach access in a largely segregated society.  READ MORE Photo Credit: Los Angeles Public Library

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Daft Punk vs. Strong Bad - Random Access Fhqwhgads

Fhqwhgads over the entire Random Access Memories album

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